Herein are Representations I have made on behalf of local residents. 
Let me know if I can assist you.

  1. Construction Site Safety Breach crn Hilly Road and Edwin Street Mortlake-threat to Public/Pedestrian Safety

  2. Corby Avenue Concord-Collapsed Fence in Children’s Playground\Corby Avenue Concord Upgrade of Children’s Playground

  3. Hilly Road Mortlake Footpath Trip Hazards

  4. Hilly Road Mortlake Construction Waste Going to Local Drains on Road

  5. Hilly Road Mortlake Dumped Rubbish on Footpath

  6. Hilly Road Pot holes on Local Roads/Streets

  7. Hilly Road Street Cleaning

  8. Mortlake Damaged Council Infrastructure

  9. Council Action Against Brothel Operating in Council LGA Residential Area

  10. Adams Street Mortlake Construction Company Using Public Footpath as a Construction Zone, Construction Waste Going Down Stormwater Drains

  11. Lyons Road Drummoyne-Repair of Public Footpath and Kerb Damaged by a Construction Company

  12. Inappropriate Parking in Disabled Reserved Parking lots in Rhodes Shopping Centre

  13. Dumped Shopping Trolleys in Rhodes/Liberty Grove and more broadly CCB Council Area

  14. Broken Lighting Rhodes Foreshore

  15. Graffiti, Damaged Paving, Dead Plants Union Square Rhodes

  16. Relocation of Rhodes Community Garden

  17. Hilly road Mortlake Broken Perimeter fencing at Construction Site-Hazard for Local Residents/Children

  18. Mortlake Blocked Stormwater drains

  19. Public Exercise Equipment Rhodes

  20. Davidson Street Concord Construction Site Safety Hazards-risk to Local residents/Pedestrians

  21. Council Support for Parentmedic Community Program

  22. Broken Paving/Hazardous Trip Hazards Rider Boulevard Rhodes  Recognition of Indigenous History in CCB Council Area to be Included in Upgrade of Wangal Reserve

  23. Upgrade of Tennyson Road Footpath on Western Perimeter of Breakfast Point Estate

  24. Signage for Bennelong Bridge at Rhodes re Bennelong and Indigenous History

  25. Upgrade of Cabarita Park and Cleaning/Maintenance  of Cabarita Swimming Pool

  26. Electric Car Charging Facilities for CCB Council Area

  27. Enhanced Pathway for Cycling and Walking along the Foreshore of the Yarralla Estate

  28. Bicycle safety Bay Rider boulevard Rhodes

  29. Inappropriate Real estate Signage on Public Footpaths and Roads in CCB Council Area

  30. Upgrade of Tom Murphy Reserve Mortlake

  31. Broken Asbestos Debris Dumped in Tom Murphy reserve Mortlake

  32. Inclusion of World War 1 Honour Roll located in Blaxland road Rhodes Community centre on NSW Register of War Memorials

  33. City of Canada Bay Garden Competition

  34. Poor Customer Service to a Local resident

  35. Parking Problems Concord West Adjacent to Concord Hospital

  36. Trees Jean Wailes Avenue Rhodes

  37. Request for Trees High Street Concord

  38. Need for Basketball Courts in CCB Council Area

  39. Street Cleaning Walker Street Rhodes

  40. Street Cleaning in Rhodes

  41. Recycling Bins in CCB Council Area

  42. Rubbish Dumped in Tennyson Road Mortlake

  43. Food Hygiene and Damage to Paving Rhodes Connection

  44. Pedestrian Crossings on Wellbank Street Concord Needing Repaint

  45. Hazardous Cladding and Fire Safety Rhodes High Rise

  46. Synthetic Cricket Pitches CCB council Area

  47. Broken Asbestos Debris on a Construction Site Gloucester street Concord

  48. Pedestrian Footpath trip hazard Gloucester Street Concord

  49. Substandard Perimeter Fencing at Construction Site Majors Bay Road Concord-Risk to Public Safety/Children

  50. Non Compliance with Council DA Construction Site Archer Street Mortlake-Substandard Perimeter Fencing with Risk to Public Children’s Safety

  51. Damaged Infrastructure re Lancelot Street Mortlake –Trip Hazard

  52. Dumped Rubbish Bayard Street Mortlake

  53. Kingston Street Mortlake Inadequate Construction site perimeter fencing-Risk to Public/Children’s Safety

  54. Better Access for Disabled Wheelchair Bound residents Gauthorpe Street Rhodes

  55. Disabled Footbath Kerb Access crn of Parramatta Road North Strathfield and George Street North Strathfield

  56. Damaged Footpath and Neglected Nature Strip Tennyson Road Mortlake

  57. Umped Rubbish Burton Street Concord

  58. Damaged Footpath Burton Street Concord-Trip Hazard

  59. Loftus Street Concord footpath Trip Hazard

  60. Noise Complaint Halley Street Five Dock

  61. Construction waste Dumped in Wallace Street Concord

  62. Wallace Street Concord-Construction Site perimeter fencing-Threat to Public Safety

  63. Trip Hazard Footpath Sydney Street Concord

  64. Shade Protection for Children’s Playground Kendall Reserve Mortlake

  65. Overcrowding of Rhodes Railway Station-Threat to Public Safety and Comfort of Pedestrians

  66. 4 Gloucester Street Concord-Builder using public Footpath as a Construction Zone-Hazard to Public/Pedestrian Safety

  67. Representation to  Replace Sand with Soft Fall in Cabarita Park Children’s Playground

  68. Tree Branches and Foliage Overhanging in Wellbank Street and Davidson Avenue Concord

  69. Cleaning of Footpaths in Majors Bay Road Concord and North Strathfield Shopping Centres

  70. Painting of Pedestrian Crossing in Wellbank Street Concord

  71. Provision of Public Basketball Courts for the City of Canada Bay Council Area

  72. Replacement of Shade Protection for Children’s Playground in Concord Occasional Care Centre Wellbank Street Concord

  73. Traffic Management Intersection of Shoreline Drive and Rider Boulevard Rhodes

  74. Council Asbestos Policy Review

  75. Bulk Waste Collection Review for Rhodes and high density suburbs

  76. On-line Council Clothing/Textiles Recycling Service

  77. Removal of Dumped Rubbish in Bray’s Road Mortlake

  78. Blocked Stormwater Drain 118 Tennyson Road Mortlake

  79. Care of Nature Strips Outside Construction Sites

  80. Collection of Dumped Rubbish in Palace Street Mortlake

  81. Maintenance of Footpaths and Nature Strips in Front of Building Sites during Construction

  82. Skateboarding Damage to Timber Decking in Union Square Rhodes

  83. Repair of Slide Sail Phoenix Park Rhodes

  84. Residents meeting Re proposed development in Salt Street Concord

  85. Lack of Shade Protection in Children’s Playground on Foreshore Park Rhodes

  86. Review of System of Notification to Residents re DA’s that Impact on Residents

  87. Engineering Problem corner of Burwood Road and Salt Street Concord

  88. Bayview Park re Children’s Playground, closing hours of park and toilets etc

  89. Rabbit Infestation in Breakfast Point and Cabarita

  90. Traffic Management Issues in Breakfast Point Estate

  91. Overhanging Tree Branch Hazards Corner of Cavell Avenue and Concord Road Rhodes

  92. Unsecured Perimeter Fencing and Building Materials on footpath in Medora Street Breakfast Point

  93. Bus Shelter Whittaker Street Mortlake

  94. Community Building BBQ Proposal for Mortlake

  95. Removal of Bus Stop 52 Concord Road Rhodes

  96. Private Front Fence of Property in Noble Street Road Point Damaged by Council Footpath Tree

  97. Upgrade of Roberts Reserve Rodd Point

  98. Henry Street Five Dock Asbestos Problem

  99. Audit of all LGA Pedestrian Crossings to Ensure Compliance with Safety Requirements

  100. Road Safety Problem Intersection of Cabarita Road and Kendal Street Cabarita

  101. Road Safety Problem With Bulky Boats Parking on Cabarita Road Blocking Residents Views When Reversing From their Driveways

  102. Council to Provide Water, BBQ and Support to Residents Cleaning Up Cabarita Park on Clean Up Australia Day each year

  103. Bulk Waste Dumping Wellbank Street Concord

  104. Request to Include Cabarita Park in Clean Up Australia Activities in 2019

  105. Sidney Kitchener Memorial Garden Concord West

  106. Recommendation for No Dumping Signs in Majors Lane Concord and Adjacent Precinct

  107. Obscured Give Way Sign and Worn out Road Safety Markings on Corner of Adams Lane and Admiralty Drive Breakfast Point

  108. Extension of Trading Hours for Briars Club Ian Parade Concord

  109. Rubbish Dumped on Tennyson Road

  110. St Hallows School Traffic Pedestrian Safety

  111. Return and Earn Briars Club Concord Facility and recycling of ineligible containers

  112. Inadequate Perimeter Fence Marquet Street Rhodes

  113. Parramatta Road Masterplan and Council Role

  114. Traffic Hazards Corner of Mortlake Street and Cabarita Road Mortlake

  115. Rubbish Dumped in Tramway Lane Mortlake

  116. Public Access to Tennis Courts in Wellbank Street Concord

  117. Resident Driveway Bent Street Concord constantly blocked

  118. Bay Run Cycling Accident and recommendations to improve safety

  119. Advocacy for council and government funding to upgrade Goddard Park club facilities

  120. Footpath/Pedestrian Safety Bortfield Drive Chiswick

  121. Pedestrian Safety Corner of Mary and Rider Boulevard and Walker and Gauthorpe Streets Rhodes

  122. Opposition to extended trading hours to 5am for cafe opposite residents in Second Avenue Five Dock

  123. Rubbish Removal and Footpath Repair in Second Avenue Five Dock

  124. Large Pothole in Bray’s Road ( corner of Adams Lane) Mortlake needing urgent repair

  125. Bayview Park concerns- inadequate toilets, dangerous after hours exits, BBQ smoke etc,

  126. Tree Preservation Issue 40 Empire Street Concord

  127. Concord Uniting Church Rubbish Dumping Problem at Concord

  128. Strategic Planning in Mortlake

  129. Failed lighting Cabarita Park Ferry Commuter Parking Area

  130. Request to Council to do more to promote the City of Canada Bay Heritage Society

  131. Broken lights in Pedestrian Tunnel under Homebush Bay Drive at Rhodes

  132. Disability and Wheelchair Access Phillips Street Cabarita

  133. Opposition to Cutting Down Trees Tennyson Road Mortlake

  134. Clean up Strathfield Triangle Campaign

  135. Removal of Tree Trinity Church Concord Road Concord West

  136. Delay Re Driveway for Resident in Cross Street Concord

  137. Footpath Repair and Street Cleaning in George Street North Strathfield

  138. Complaints by Residents re Meat Works in Edwin Street Mortlake

  139. Landscaping and Paving Mortlake Corner 58 Cafe retail precinct

  140. Electrical Hazard Berger Park Rhodes Lights

  141. Child care Centre Approval Intersection of Mortlake Street

  142. Opposition to Mobile Phone Towers in Tennyson Road Mortlake and Burwood Road Concord

  143. Objection to Misleading Council Leaflet re Resident Rights to Speak at Planning Panels

  144. Substandard Fencing on Construction Site and Broken Asbestos Debris Henry Street Five Dock

  145. Relocation of Pedestrian Crossing Adjacent to Mortlake Roundabout

  146. Dogs Off Leach Park near Cabarita and Breakfast Point

  147. Illegal Parking Corner of Hilly Road and Edwin Streets Mortlake

  148. Accessibility Pram Cut Out Intersection of Ada and Melbourne Streets Concord

  149. Replace trees cut down by Council in front of Tuscany Court Barnstaple Road Russell Lea

  150. Support Dedication of RMS Slipway Depot Site for Foreshore Park and Access along Parramatta River

  151. Campaign for Upgrade of Pedestrian Pathways and Construction of a Bicycle Pathway through Yaralla Estate and Rivendell Hospital to McIlwaine Park Rhodes

  152. Construction of Pathways and Unhindered Foreshore Access from Wangal Reserve Mortlake to Majors Bay Reserve Concord

  153. Complaint re Unauthorised Advertising on Residential Property on Lyons Road Opposite Council HQ

  154. Representation re Planting of Trees on Road Rather then Footpaths in Northcote and Other Streets in Mortlake

  155. Inadequate Street Cleaning in Tennyson Road Mortlake

  156. Illegally Parked Trailers, Trucks and Boats in Tennyson Road Mortlake

  157. Tree Problem 1 Roseby Street Drummoyne

  158. Public Foreshore Access behind 30-34 Hilly Street Mortlake Unit Complex

  159. Support for Inclusion of Ashton’s Public Baths Plaque along Mortlake Foreshore

  160. Clean up of Shadrack Shaw Reserve Mortlake

  161. Lack of Trees Planted on Footpath Upgrades Associated with New Developments

  162. Lack of Notice to Residents for Planning Panel Meetings

  163. Repair Nature Strip corner of Emily Street and Tennyson Road Mortlake

  164. Clean Up Dumped Rubbish in Edwin Street Mortlake

  165. Clean Up Rubbish including Kitchen waste from the Front Yards of 122 and 124 Tennyson Road Mortlake

  166. Representation re two streets with same name in Same Suburb- Cooper Street Rhodes

  167. Unsafe Paving Stones in Union Square Rhodes

  168. Parking Problem Princess Lane Concord

  169. Inadequate Road line markings corner of King Street and Victoria Avenue Concord West

  170. Raw sewage overflow Victoria Avenue Concord West Sydney Olympic Park

  171. Review of Traffic Island on Hilly Street Mortlake adjacent to Punt Park

  172. Parking Problems Carrington Road Concord Lane Intersection

  173. Speeding Calming initiatives and better Pedestrian Crossing Required on Brewer Street Concord

  174. Parking Problem Corner of Corby Street and Burwood Road Concord

  175. Manson Road Strathfield and Inadequate Council Emergency Response

  176. Trip Hazards and Soil Erosion on Embankment of Edwards Park on Brewer Street Concord

  177. Question to Council re Domestic Violence and Related Services

  178. Request for Community Presentations to Residents re Changes at Kingsford Smith Airport which would Create Greater Aircraft Noise in the LGA

  179. Traffic and Parking Problems Created by Meatworks in Edwin Street Mortlake

  180. Property Damage Carrington Street and Princess Avenue North Strathfield Caused by Westconnex

  181. Repair of Substandard Footpath and Pedestrian Crossing Walker Street Rhodes Adjacent to Railway Station

  182. Brays Road/Tennyson Road Mortlake Intersection Safety

  183. Substandard Road Line Markings Corner of Tennyson Road and Emily Street Mortlake

  184. Proposal to Include Substantial Longbottom Stockade Heritage Presentation in Redeveloped Concord Oval

  185. Repair of Damaged Pedestrian Island Lyons Road West Five Dock

  186. Blocked Access Road Restricting Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Concord West

  187. Rubbish Dumped Opposite 8 Hilly Road Mortlake

  188. Seek Council Support for Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia Campaign

  189. Damaged Stop Sign Corner of Queen Street and Wellbank Street North Strathfield

  190. Replace Tree Cutdown by Council in Princess Avenue North Strathfield

  191. Disability Pedestrian Cut Out Access Corner of Van Hee and Frederick Streets Mortlake

  192. Collect Rubbish in Hilly Street Mortlake

  193. Damaged and Blocked Footpath Bennet Street Mortlake

  194. Unauthorised advertising Signage on Property on Lyons Road Drummoyne

  195. Canada Bay Council area and NBN Installation and Asbestos Exposure Risks

  196. Removal of Fencing around Council Land Adjacent to Cabarita Swimming Pool to Allow for Public Access to this Park Foreshore Land

  197. Remove Fallen Tree and Replace Bacardi Street Mortlake

  198. Bus Shelter Tennyson Road Mortlake

  199. Collect Rubbish Tennyson Road Mortlake

  200. Representations for a Sustained Campaign by Council to stop Dumping of Trolleys in our LGA

  201. Facilitating Community liaison between Drummoyne Community Centre and Rhodes Multicultural Association

  202. Traffic Calming in Hilly Street Mortlake 

  203. Inclusion of Pictorial & Audio Presentation of Life & Works of Henry Lawson in Upgrade of Henry Lawson Park  

  204. Street Corner Upgrades in Hilly Street Mortlake to make Provision for Disability Access 

  205. Traffic Calming Hilly Street Mortlake 

  206. Damaged Traffic Safety Signage Beronga Street Concord West 

  207. Damaged Traffic Signage in Tennyson Street Concord West 

  208. Rubbish Dumped in George Street North Strathfield 

  209. Damaged Road Safety Signage Corner of Pomeroy and George Streets North Strathfield 

  210. Request for Council Wide Audit and Repair of all Missing Road Safety Signage 

  211. Additional Doggie Waste Bags for Phoenix Park Rhodes 

  212. Dangerous Construction Waste Dumped in Road in Northcote Street Mortlake 

  213. Upgrade of Pedestrian Crossings Intersections of Majors Bay Road and Brewer St and Davidson St Concord

  214. Upgrade of Pedestrian Crossing on Brewer St Concord 

  215. Drug selling Council Car Park Intersection of Brewer St and Majors Bay Road Concord 

  216. Upgrade Pedestrian Crossings Davidson Ave Concord 

  217. Replace Damaged/ Missing Traffic Directional Signage Davidson Avenue Concord 

  218. Attend Yaralla Estate End of Year Christmas Carols 

  219. Better Lighting Children’s Playground Shoreline Drive Rhodes

  220. Better Lighting Shoreline Park Rhodes 

  221. Clean Up Dumped Rubbish Hamilton East Street North Strathfield 

  222. Ongoing Safety Issues with Vehicles Exiting Bayview Park Concord at Night After Closure 

  223. Support Public Recycling Bins in Rhodes and other locations in LGA 

  224. Bag It Bin It Campaign Phoenix Park Rhodes 

  225. Heritage Matters Alexandra Street Drummoyne 

  226. Damaged Traffic Safety Street Signage Concord Road Rhodes 

  227. Construction Waste Going into Drains Hilly and Bennett Streets Mortlake 

  228. Repair Damaged Palace Lane Signage 

  229. Clean Up of France Bay 

  230. Unauthorised Advertising on Residential Property Crane Street Concord 

  231. Trip Hazard Foreshore Walk Rhodes 

  232. Input into Consultation to Upgrade Henry Lawson Park & make the life & poetry of Henry Lawson  prominent 

  233. Cabarita Park Broken Fence and Chain

  234. Ongoing vandalism and Damage to Council Property in Bayview Park Concord 

  235. Alleged Bad Behaviour Bus Driver Wentworth Point-Rhodes 

  236. Disability Access Shoreline Drive Rhodes 

  237. Magpie Problem Breakfast Point 

  238. Cleaning Cabarita Ferry Wharf

  239. Dangerous pot hole on road intersection of Flavelle and Wellbank Streets Concord 

  240. Council Review of Initiatives to discourage food waste going in council land fill 

  241. Review of Council Food Waste Policies and Programs

  242. Safety Signage Missing from Children’s Crossing Broughton Street Concord St Mary’s School

  243. Upgrade of Pedestrian Crossing Corner of Cabarita and Roberts’s Road Cabarita

  244. Parking Hazards in Mortlake 

  245. Council Induction 19 September 2017

  246. Council Meeting 26 September 2017

  247. Council Workshop 10 October 2017

  248. Council Meeting 17 October 2017

  249. Council Meeting 14 November 2017

  250. Council Workshop 21 November 2017

  251. Council Workshop 28 November 2017

  252. Council Access Committee 30 November 2017

  253. Council Meeting 5 December 2017

  254. Council End of Year Reception 6 December 2017

  255. NSW Local Government Conference 5 December 2017

  256. Council Workshop 30 January 2018

  257. Council Meeting 6 February 2018

  258. Council Workshop 13 February 2018

  259. Council Meeting 20 February 2018

  260. Council Local Government Planning Course 21 February 2018

  261. Council Workshop February 27 2018

  262. Council Workshop 6 March 2018

  263. Council Workshop 18 March 2018

  264. Council Meeting 20 March 2018

  265. Council Workshop 3 April 2018 

  266. Council Workshop 10 April 2018 

  267. Council Access Meeting  24 April 2018

  268. Council Workshop 1 May 2018 

  269. Council Workshop 8 May 2018

  270. Council Meeting 19 June 2018

  271. Council Access Committee 26 June 2018

  272. Council Workshop 3 July 2018

  273. Council Meeting 10 July 2018

  274. Council Workshop 31 July 2018

  275. Council Meeting 21 August 2018

  276. Council Sustainability Awards Dinner 27 August 2018

  277. Council Workshop 28 August 2018

  278. Council Workshop 4 September 2018

  279. Council Meeting 11 September 2018

  280. Council Workshop 18 September 2018 

  281. Council Workshop 25 September 2018

  282. Council Meeting 9 October 2018

  283. Council Workshop 16 October 2018

  284. Council Meeting 13 November 2018

  285. Council Workshop  20 November 2018

  286. Council Workshop 27 November 2018

  287. Council Meeting 4 December 2018

  288. Council End of Year Reception 5 December 2018 

  289. Council Access Committee 6 December 2018

  290. Council Workshop 29 January 2019

  291. Concern re Sydney Water Sewage Discharges Nullawarra Avenue Concord West 

  292. Concern re Sydney Water Sewage Discharges Roberts Road Cabarita 

  293. Concern re Asbestos Debri from old Cabarita Asbestos Factory France Bay 

  294. Clean Up Australia Day Inclusion of Cabarita Park and France Bay Volunteers

  295. Safety Audit of Pits being Built in Mortlake for Trees on Streets and Provision of Safety Barriers

  296. Removal of Advertising Signage on House in Crane Street Concord 

  297. Replacement of Vandalised Traffic Safety Signage Lyons Road West Harris Street  Intersection

  298. Cleaning of Bus Shelter Tennyson Road Breakfast Point 

  299. Proposal to Improve Quality of Environmental Construction Sand Bags to Protect Council Drains 

  300. Monitoring off Toxic Chemicals Buried in Soil at Breakfast Point 

  301. Upgrade of Children’s Playground and Picnic Facilities in Queen Elizabeth Park Concord 

  302. Upgrade of Pedestrian Crossing, Majors Bay Road Concord 

  303. Overgrown Hazardous Nature Strips Concord Road/ Crowley Street Concord 

  304. Remove Dumped Shopping Trolleys in Mortlake 

  305. Repair Pot Holes and Clean Up Dumped Rubbish in Majors Lane Concord 

  306. Relocation of Concord Fair to Majors Bay Road Concord to assist local businesses

  307. Cleaning and Upkeep Tom Murphy Reserve 

  308. Replace Missing/Traffic Signage Correy’s Avenue Concord 

  309. Water Leak McDonald Street Mortlake 

  310. Trip Hazard Clermont Avenue Concord 

  311. Missing Traffic Directional Safety Signage Corner of Gale St and Tennyson Road Mortlake 

  312. Parking Non Compliance Tennyson Road Mortlake 

  313. Inadequacy of bus shelters at Concord Hospital

  314. Bus Shelter and Bus Timetable Bollard Blocking Visibility Turning Left from Nirranda Street onto Concord Road 

  315. Opposition to the Removal of Handicapped Parking Spots at Council Car Park in Cabarita Park 

  316. Toilet Facilities Required for Henry Lawson Park 

  317. Complaint re no Disabled Toilets at Christmas Carols 2018 Halliday Park 

  318. Garbage Facilities Halliday Park 

  319. Chair Council Access and Disability Committee

  320. Support Do rustic Violence Leave Campaign of USU 

  321. Request to NSW Government/RMS to Remediate Asbestos debri from France Bay 

  322. Remove Advertising Signage Parramatta Road Strathfield bear Corner of Swan Avenue

  323. Upgrade Pedestrian Crossings at Strathfield Railway Station 

  324. Representations to Increase Number of Council Citizenship Ceremonies or Numbers of Attendees to Fix Wait

  325. Lack of Council Yellow Recycling Bins  Ian Parade Concord Return & Earn Depot for Machine Ineligible Cans etc

  326. Representation for Resident in Mackenzie Street Concord West re Commercial Vehicles Parking 

  327. Attend Council Citizenship ceremony Saturday January 26 The Connection Rhodes 

  328. Boats and Trailers Parking illegally in Mortlake and Cars Parking on Northcote Reserve Mortlake 

  329. 5am Gym Noise Hilly Street Mortlake 

  330. Noise Complaint re Road Contractor Working Out of Authorised Hours of Work 

  331. Propose Property Owners be Required to Maintain Their Nature Strip During Construction

  332. Council Workshop February 5 2019

  333. Audit Strathfield Triangle Footpaths and Failed Street Cleaning with Council Staff  January 30 2019

  334. Injury to Resident from Footpath Trip  MacNamara Avenue North Strathfield 

  335. Water Bubblers Breakfast Point Foreshore 

  336. Opposition to IGA Use of Single Use Plastic Bags  in their Retail Store at Breakfast Point 

  337. Rhodes Chinese New Year Celebrations Opening Ceremony 

  338. Strathfield Council Chinese New Year Celebrations 

  339. Council Workshop 12 February 2019

  340. Request for Disability Access at Cabarita and Drummoyne Swimming Pools 

  341. Construction of Exile Bay Foreshore Walkway Along Lyons Road West Canada Bay 

  342. Representations to Council re Hoarded Rubbish at Property  Duchess Ave Rodd Point

  343. Volunteer to Clean Up Strathfield Triangle Streets 16 February 2019

  344. Missing Keep Left Safety Traffic Signs Braddon/ Bayard Streets Mortlake 

  345. Participate in Community Consultation to Upgrade Tom Murphy Reserve Mortlake February 23

  346. Repair of Safety Road Linings in Mortlake 

  347. Safety Traffic Signage Keep Left to be re established on Broughton Street Concord near Wallace Street Intersection 

  348. Proposal for a Council Food Waste Workshop

  349. Support of Community Consultations to IncludeWeekend / Evening Options for Residents Who Work 

  350. Playground Equipment for Strathfield Triangle Residents 

  351. Catch up March 25 Residents at Timbrell Park re Off Leasch Trials 

  352. Flooding Turner Street Concord 

  353. Support for a Council Tree Hollows Initiative to Assist Possums and Other Fauna 

  354. Support for Council Message of Solidarity in Response to Christchurch Mosque Massacres 

  355. Clean Up of Rubbish Dumped in Nelson Street North Strathfield at Intersection of Queen Street 

  356. Clean Up of Dumped Rubbish Bray’s Road Mortlake 

  357. Successful Representation for a Resident Issued an Unfair Parking Infringement Notice 

  358. Better Disability Access to Shop at 145 Great North Road Five Dock 

  359. Council Meeting 19 February 2019

  360. Council Access & Inclusion Committee Meeting 25 March 2019

  361. Proposal for Premier League Futsal Courts to be Included in Concord Oval Redevelopment 

  362. Support for  Concord Rd Resident  Unable to get  Response from  Private Certifier for Works Adjacent to her Home

  363. Unfair Designation of Bennett St Mortlake for Garbage Bins from Different Property in Front of Resident Homes 

  364. Complaint re Broken Asbestos on Site and Construction Waste Going into Local Waterways 

  365. Representation to Council re  Proposed Developer Alienation of  Massey Park Concord for a Road 

  366. Abandoned Boat St George’s Crescent Drummoyne 

  367. Traffic Problem La Mascotte Street Concord 

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