“I have known Andrew Ferguson for 4 years. Andrew assisted in the formation of the Rhodes Multicultural Community Association.
He provided advise, assisted us with Fair Trading registration, drafted submissions and funding applications.
We are now an effective community group organizing community celebrations and with volunteers teaching English to local residents every week in Rhodes.
His assistance was invaluable.
We now have a sense of pride and dignity and feel empowered as a part of the Canada Bay community
The Canada Bay Council has welcomed us as partners.
We wish Andrew and other Councillors every success in advancing the welfare of local residents, community and business.”
— Michelle Zhang Secretary Rhodes Multicultural Community Association
“Andrew has had a lifetime commitment to labour rights and in particular workplace occupational health and safety. For decades he campaigned to improve OHS laws and the rights of injured workers.
He played an important part in the campaign to compensate the asbestos victims of James Hardy.
He knows exposure to asbestos can kill not just workers but also kill members of the public and home owners exposed to asbestos dust in home renovations and demolition.
We are proud Andrew is one of our Patrons. We know he will be dedicated with the City of Canada Bay to continue its commitment to ensure compliance with asbestos safety laws by local builders.”
— Barry Robson President Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia
I have known Andrew for nearly thirty years through the building and construction industry, where I had the opportunity to work together with him to deliver some of the first comprehensive income protection schemes for workers in construction which has since become the industry standard. This is just one of many of Andrew’s practical achievements in improving standards across the board in what is one of the most dangerous industries in New South Wales during his decades of service in the union movement.
Andrew is a dedicated local citizen who has taken an interest in community affairs in Canada Bay and Sydney’s inner west for many years, and I believe he will do a fantastic job serving the community.
I believe he will make an excellent representative on Canada Bay Council and give testament to his good character
— Steve Kamper MP Member NSW Parliament
Councillor Andrew Ferguson has made a huge impression from my point of view in matters needing to be addressed by Council.
I have been a Concord resident of some 22 years but it has only been in recent months that my wife and I have come to know Andrew.
He was instrumental in having white line painted adjacent to our driveway to help deter motorists from blocking access to our garage.
More importantly he has been a very active supporter in my efforts to have Brewer Street Concord made safer to minimise the effects of high speed drivers who treat it as a speedway.
Noisy exhaust systems and loud engines going at high speed, at no particular time of day, are a perfect recipe for a disaster.
Andrew deserves great credit for his dedication in giving serious consideration and support to
the residents of the City of Canada Bay Council. He is a thoroughly decent person who never seeks praise .
He is dedicated to serving the public
— Baz Pooley\Resident-Concord
I have lived in the Canada Bay Council area for the last 10 years. In the last 12 months I have raised a number of issues with City of Canada Bay Councillor Andrew Ferguson. The response has been extraordinary. It has been immediate and effective. I and I know many other residents for years sought to have shade protection installed in the Children’s Playground in Kendal Inlet which was opened in 2008. When I emailed Councillor Ferguson I did not expect a result. To my surprise he took up the issue immediately and we now have the long overdue shade protection.
— Amy Chieng Nguyen